How to Keep People Organized

Whether you work in a large corporation or play for a minor team, We all appreciate time-efficient work. The most meaningful moments we have been shaped by our ability to be productive and efficient. Are you more productive? If you took 10 minutes to record the minutes you were in meetings, you could see the difference in effectiveness. Who gets to go first? You had about 90 minutes to let the boss know what you wanted first. You also had a meeting to brief the boss on the key points from the minutes. You got a task to work on while someone else finished theirs. The folks that were part of the meeting had a task to complete. If you took less time down…

What about the two of you that were at the meeting? Your shorter version of the meeting minutes and getting the meeting minutes across is what you will notice. The minutes were 20 minutes long. We all have the same time before, after, and beside the work that we do. How we use that time is right up on how productive we are at those interactions.

How keep people organized is a skill. The more efficient you and your staff are in keeping organized, the less time it takes to go back and do it differently for each person. The last thing you want to do on a busy day is it’s got to be a task to start with.

Take a few minutes to fill in the space at the top of your post-it notes. Walking back over to that particular person to ask for details was not more efficient. You were likely to see the picture your post-it notes covered. (My fault).

How do you want to show how your staff is so organized and so on? How about talking with the person privately about this (put in a pitch). Another big issue with this approach is that you will be hearing someone else identify your problem. A time I see these “pitch” sessions is when I am completing a file. People were asked to give a report. I may be able to use the information, but the person has not talked to me.

One of the biggest truth-tellers in the world had an email from a staff member who was in a great mood. He was about to tell me what this staff member told him. When I asked how long he had this staff member, he said 30 minutes. I asked the staff member how many days he had to deliver something, and he said 22 days.

This is how we can make more productivity, efficiency, and attention. We can automate the sharing of the vision and get to the why.

Finding a way to look up task lists and when you see where things will take the most time would be one of the ideas to work on. Don’t do it at the last minute. Within one hour, figuring out how to put this into a multitasking process. Include the customer, suppliers, and employees. This will bring everyone more on board.

Look at your Process to make sure everything is in place. Who are the people involved with that task? If it was a sales task, say you had a certain department. Who is the person doing the selling? What is the selling process? Once again, you can make this a YouTube video.

Be involved in preparing the team. How many times has your staff been asked to prepare a group and have someone leave early or stay late? How in those couple hours have you heard things like “my boss” “we have a lot of issues.” You know what? Your company is not your family. You need to be the best employer you can be. If you believe in your employees, you are doing all you can do.

We often need to make changes in either our behaviors or structure. Suppose you are still not sure if you need to do this; talk to someone on your staff, your parent, or someone in your management. Ask this question:

“What are some areas of personal frustration you experience in your job?”How do I handle the situations in my job with your staff?

Once you have done a complete assessment type meeting to explore your issues and find solutions put them on paper and use a personal sketch pad, during this process, take the time to write down, and no, don’t check off what is on the paper.

Listen to what the person is saying. We cannot walk in and take over a conversation. When you find a problem, write it down as a goal for the next week.

We all know that a person’s daily routine is important. What is your daily routine?

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