Self-Confidence and Business Success: Are They Inversely Aligned?

Many years ago, in an effort to give people more confidence and a feeling of control over their own business, financial questions were asked. “How much cash do you have?” “How much can you comfortably live on?” “What kind of business do you have in mind?”

These questions generated lots of answers.

Most people might have found there was quite a bit of agreement about the information expected. However, when someone asked these questions and heard degrees of disagreement on the sources of both income and savings, the doubt seemed to seep into the questioning. And so, the philosophy became;”You’re only going to be able to have enough confidence to manage your business if you’re employed if your net worth is in the millions, and you’ve invested more than six figures.”

So what about self-confidence, this highly sought-after index, this precious chord that acts as a magnet for dreams and a sign of success? What is it?

I bring it up because I know someone who was a very, very savvy and successful businesswoman. Let’s call her “”Buying on the facts”.”

She’d been a planner/agent in the past, had an MBA, and was incredibly successful. She told people she was one of those women who were experts at business, direct market, direct mail, advertising, marketing etc.

But after some side-looking, you might say, research, the Board of Directors of her company, suggested that they needed a more definitive picture of her business and marketing goals.

At the time, she was living a high-level existence.

Scary as it might sound, a number of her board members thought the Board of Directors was only a business expense. Yet, it was actually an asset, something that gave her a degree of self-confidence, a sense of control.

Traditionally, no one would argue with the business plan and strategy in a business plan. Yet, here’s what happened – because the strategy of promoting her business through a direct mail campaign with the written word of mouth sold a lot more products.

The Board Development meaning of this article boils down to this:

“You can’t afford to be without self-confidence.”

When self-confidence is not here, it can quickly be understood that a lack of confidence can;

1- create stress, feelings of uncertainty, and lack of creativity or happiness.

2- create a negative impact in your environment. Your brain, your physical, and your own emotions.

3- create repelling you from other prestigious professions and groups. Winding up the diminishing interest of your current customers.

4- destroy your ability to want to leave a lasting imprint on your business and life.

5- become a fear motivator.

6- create a negative impact on your social, spiritual, and emotional seamlessly and Covenant Speaking of gifts lying views emotional, self-confidence can be viewed as a gift of your positive mind while at the same time beaming your positive energy and being a true leader of your business, community, and life.

With that harsh, harsh reality in mind, it’s important to strive to keep the self-confidence flowing. Work on developing a business vision and a compelling value proposition for your products or service. Surround yourself with like-minded, successful, confident, and optimistic people.

Recognize that confidence can be learned!

It’s much more than the gold watch you wear to meetings with your boss. It’s not even the big promotion you get at the end of the year.

It’s your breathing of curiosity, your intelligence, your will to succeed and your warm smile that doesn’t hurt at all if your parents watch you.

Now, I want you to think in terms of the goal. I want you to think of a certain time to be incented self-confident. Whichever time is perfect for you.

Whatever the time, where ever you are, remember to be where you want to be.

Refrain from thinking about events that could be worse and be satisfied with the things you already have. Instead, identify what you want, be sure it’s happening, and always be focused on positive outcomes.

If you’re still working on developing self-confidence, have the courage to make your dreams become a reality. If you happen to have no outside job, you must be of consummate curiosity and, most importantly, open to learning; if you’re not the wisest person for responsibility, ask someone who shows great confidence and competence to share the responsibility.

So there you have it.

To help you realize that living an ambitious yet balanced life, you may want to continually reach out to someone who’s always growing each day, who’s flexible, has self-confidence, and is excited about each situation and opportunity.

So GO forth and embrace your adventure.

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